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About TerraFerno Geothermal Solutions Inc.

At TerraFerno Geothermal Solutions, we are leading the charge in advancing geothermal downhole completions tools.

Pioneering innovative flow control devices, downhole monitoring systems, and well integrity tools specifically crafted for high-temperature and ultra-high-temperature environments.

Our solutions cater to conventional, enhanced, and advanced geothermal systems, with a focus on maximizing energy recovery, validating performance, and facilitating the scalable implementation of complex designs.

Choose TerraFerno Geothermal Solutions for groundbreaking, tailored solutions instrumental in propelling geothermal into a dominant energy source. 

Connect with us to explore more about our cutting-edge technologies!

Flow Control Devices

Revolutionize your geothermal operations with our cutting-edge, patent-pending Autonomous Flow Control Devices (FCDs). Tailored to meet the distinctive needs of geothermal applications, our FCDs ensure optimal flow distribution, effectively addressing challenges like heel dominance and short-circuiting in geothermal wells. Unlock the potential for increased leg counts, zone counts, and lateral lengths across conventional, enhanced, or advanced geothermal well designs.

Downhole Monitoring Systems

Optimize and validate your well designs using our specialized downhole monitoring devices crafted for high-temperature (up to 300°C/572°F) and ultra-high-temperature environments (up to 500°C/932°F). Stay tuned for updates as our monitoring systems are currently in development—more information coming soon!

Well Integrity

To address the unique requirements of the geothermal industry we are developing various well integrity systems. More information coming soon!


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